China News︱Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Daily newsletter on February 14, Tuesday, the 24th day of the first lunar month, happy work and happy life! Quick, joy in life!

  1. The latest test positive rate in Beijing is 4.69%.

  2. In 2022, Chongqing’s GDP will surpass that of Guangzhou and become the fourth in the country.

  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Since last year, US high-altitude balloons have illegally flown over China’s airspace more than 10 times.

  4. Survey: In 2020, the lifelong childless rate of women in my country is close to 10%.

  5. Tencent Video responded that multi-device login was blocked: it can be watched on up to 2 devices at the same time.

  6. Wang Huiwen, the co-founder of Meituan, set up an AI company and said that he would build China’s OpenAI.

  7. The average household size in my country has dropped to 2.62 persons.

  8. Five of the top ten box office films in Chinese film history are Wu Jing.

  9. In 2023, the No. 1 Central Document was released, proposing to do a good job in the key tasks of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization in 2023.

  10. The per capita household deposits in Beijing and Shanghai exceeded 200,000.

  11. Nearly a million people in France go on strike again: the poor and weak pay the price.

  12. Foreign media: The earthquake may cause Turkey’s economic loss of 84 billion US dollars, accounting for about 10% of GDP.