China News︱Sunday, January 22, 2023

Daily newsletter on January 22, Sunday, the first day of the first lunar month, happy Chinese New Year!

  1. The 2022 GDP of 31 provinces is released: Guangdong and Jiangsu’s GDP exceeds 12 trillion, and Guangdong’s GDP ranks first in the country for 34 consecutive years.

  2. Amazing! The beautiful Chinese New Year light show lights up the world’s tallest building in Dubai, and the stars shine brightly to offer New Year blessings.

  3. So practical! Several new functions of WeChat have been launched: when WeChat rejects a call, a new entry for sending messages is added.

  4. From the first day to the third day of the Lunar New Year, a strong cold air will affect our country, and there will be obvious strong winds and cooling weather in the central and eastern regions.

  5. For three consecutive days starting from New Year’s Eve, fireworks shows will be staged in many places in downtown Hangzhou.

  6. God fifteen astronauts write couplets and paste blessings in space.

  7. Tourism companies are busy arranging outbound group tours: all the routes have been put on the shelves, and the first group ceremony is docked with the tourism bureaus of various countries.

  8. The official of the State Administration for Market Regulation: During the Spring Festival, we will seriously investigate and deal with various price violations such as the “sky-high price” incident.

  9. Chinese player Gu Ailing won the FIS World Cup.

  10. After Musk acquired Twitter, he laid off 80% of his staff.

  11. The United States and its allies agree to set a price cap on Russian refined oil.

  12. Google’s parent company laid off 12,000 employees worldwide, and Google’s stock price rose by more than 5%.