China News︱Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday, October 2, 2021 August 26th in the lunar calendar

  1. Ministry of Education: The national policy does not have the concept of “first degree”, and “degree” usually refers to the highest or last degree. (Ministry of Education website)

  2. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, by the end of last year, the total mileage of highways in China was nearly 5.2 million kilometers, including 161,000 kilometers of expressways, ranking first in the world. (CCTV)

  3. Last year, my country’s total economic volume exceeded one trillion yuan, achieving leapfrog development. (CCTV)

  4. Beijing Winter Olympics epidemic prevention and control policy announced: No tickets are sold to overseas audiences. (CCTV)

  5. Guangming Daily: Calling “migrant workers” “constructors” is a good start, and it is a manifestation of people-oriented.

  6. Retail pharmacies in Guangzhou will suspend sales from October 1st to 20th. During the epidemic period, real-name registration of drugs is required. (The Paper)

  7. The suspension bridge in Zhongmouyi scenic spot in Henan Province broke, and more than ten people fell into the water and all were rescued. The scenic spot was closed for rectification. (CCTV)

  8. The Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province issued a reminder to prevent electricity fraud during the holidays: beautiful anchors may also be big men who pick their feet. (The Paper)

  9. Jintang Bridge, the largest cable-stayed bridge in Chengdu, was officially opened to traffic on October 1. (CCTV)

  10. The entrance of the Xiergou Tunnel in Sichuan collapsed at a high level, and no one was injured. (The Paper)

  11. Netizens suggested that the first, second and third children cannot be guaranteed to be admitted to the same school. Parents said that even if they have three heads and six arms, it is difficult to send their children to school. (

  12. Tens of thousands of people on the China-Myanmar border are waiting to enter Yunnan and surrender themselves. (The Paper)

  13. Four minors in Harbin crashed into a large truck with an electric three-wheeler and died. The driver of the truck has been brought under control. (CCTV)

  14. Taiwan media: 25 sorties of PLA military aircraft entered Taiwan’s airspace on October 1, the second highest record since June. (

  15. Taiwan media: Half of the 7-storey hotel in Hualien was demolished and the whole building collapsed, with unknown casualties and search and rescue. (World Wide Web)

  16. Ethiopia expelled 7 UN officials on the grounds that they interfered in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, UN Secretary-General: Shocked. (Guanwang)

  17. U.S. President Biden signed an interim funding bill to provide working capital for the federal government until December 3. (Phoenix Network)

  18. Foreign media: U.S. Trade Representative Dai Qi will announce the Biden administration’s trade strategy with China next Monday. (World Wide Web)

  19. Australia announced its recognition of the Sinovac vaccine, paving the way for those who have already received the vaccine to enter Australia. (

  20. The Japanese rocket launch was called off with 15 seconds left, and the reason is under investigation. (

  21. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to one year in prison in 2012 campaign finance case. (Guanwang)

  22. The energy crisis is spreading, natural gas has soared more than 10 times, and ten British gas companies have gone bankrupt. (China Fund News)

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