China News︱Sunday, February 12, 2023

Daily newsletter on February 12, Sunday, the 22nd day of the first lunar month, happy weekend!

  1. Personal pension wealth management products are launched, with a minimum purchase price of 1 yuan.

  2. Stronger cold air will affect Guangdong from the 13th.

  3. The first domestically produced innovative anti-coronavirus drug, Xiannuoxin, was supplied to hospitals with an initial quotation of 750 yuan, and it was included in the temporary medical insurance catalogue.

  4. Report: In 2022, the number of international students returning to China for job hunting will hit a new high.

  5. A 4.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in Yuancheng District, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, and no casualties have been reported yet.

  6. China’s first batch of anti-drug squirrels will be on duty soon.

  7. Chongqing will vaccinate female students with HPV vaccine for free.

  8. The filming location of the TV series “Hurricane” is popular for tourism: the search interest in Jiangmen increased by nearly 130% month-on-month.

  9. The cleaning up of broken Spring Festival couplets by urban management in many places has attracted attention, and the media appealed to curb the impulse to interfere excessively.

  10. The United States announced that it had shot down an “unidentified object” over Alaska.

  11. The largest order in the history of civil aviation! Air India plans to spend 100 billion US dollars to purchase nearly 500 passenger planes from Boeing and Airbus.

  12. Foreign media: The Central Bank of Argentina is considering issuing banknotes with Messi’s head.