China News︱Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Daily newsletter for January 24, Tuesday, the third day of the first lunar month. Happy holidays!

  1. The cold wave of the first month is coming, and the 0℃ line will approach the northern part of South China! There is dense fog in some areas of Guangdong.

  2. In the 2023 Spring Festival Gala, the liquor brand “killed crazy”, and the Internet giants quietly disappeared.

  3. The average ticket price for Spring Festival movies in 2023 is 54.7 yuan, which is a decrease from last year. 2023

  4. The price reduction is immediate! The new energy auto market is off to a good start in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit.

  5. For the first time in human history! The Struggler reaches the deepest point of the Te Amantina Trench.

  6. Netease issued a message to Blizzard national server players: Thank you for being with us for 14 years, and look forward to the day when all Blizzard players return to the national server.

  7. Foreign media: Brazil and Argentina plan to establish a common currency, which is expected to lead to the second largest currency area in the world.

  8. In memory of the victims of the Los Angeles shooting, Biden announced the lowering of the flag at half-staff.

  9. Russia announced the expulsion of the Estonian ambassador to Russia.

  10. Japanese media: Japan’s GDP may be surpassed by Germany this year and fall to the fourth place in the world.

  11. Apple has reduced non-seasonal employees in retail channels other than the Apple Store. Google. Microsoft. Amazon… Layoffs are sweeping Silicon Valley.

  12. Ukraine is building long-term fortifications in Kyiv.