China News︱Monday, February 13, 2023

Daily newsletter on February 13, Monday, the 23rd day of the first lunar month, happy work and happy life!

  1. Proposals to boycott high-priced betrothal gifts in many places: sign a letter of commitment, talk about education, organize group weddings

  2. Domestic C journal statement: Concealing the use of ChatGPT will result in rejection or withdrawal of manuscripts.

  3. 30 million teachers and students are about to return to school on a large scale.

  4. Xi’an launched bivalent, quadrivalent and nine-valent HPV vaccination for 13-year-old school girls: informed, voluntary, and free.

  5. Zhengzhou’s GDP in 2022 will be 1,293.47 billion yuan, and the per capita disposable income will be 41,049 yuan.

  6. The Cyberspace Administration of China notified 4 types of typical rumors about the Hu Xinyu incident, and 1,894 illegal accounts were dealt with.

  7. Xiongan has made it clear that the building economy will become an important carrier to drive the development of the new district in 2025.

  8. “The Wandering Earth 2” entered the top ten box office charts in Chinese film history.

  9. Can the age limit of housing loans in Nanning, Guangxi be extended to 80 years old? Many banks responded that it was true.

  10. Vucic: Due to Western pressure, Serbia may soon sanction Russia.

  11. More than 100 countries and regions rushed to aid the earthquake-stricken areas in Turkey and Syria.

  12. Alibaba sold all of its shares in Paytm, India’s “Alipay”, with a cumulative cash of nearly US$300 million.