China News︱Friday, February 10, 2023

Daily newsletter on February 10th, Friday, the 20th day of the first lunar month, happy work and happy life!

  1. Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Children and the elderly who have not yet passed the test are less likely to be reinfected.

  2. Enterprises are robbing people with high salaries! There is a large gap in skilled talents, and there is a shortage of skills in my country’s blue-collar groups.

  3. Ministry of Education: If there is no risk of the epidemic, students generally do not delay returning to school.

  4. The Yangtze River Design Group intends to hire personnel to note “the director’s daughter”, and the Yangtze River Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources is investigating.

  5. Zhang Chaoyang criticizes exam-oriented education: Studying first and taking exams second, going to university is enough.

  6. “Ban Yue Tan” commented on the charging of smart TV dolls: the food looks ugly, and the charging of smart TV dolls should stop.

  7. The 40 volumes of “Yongle Canon” are released online for the first time.

  8. Behind the 6.5-hour commute of a woman in Shanghai: Over 14 million people across the country are suffering from “extreme commuting”.

  9. Will you be moved? Rushan Silver Beach can buy a sea view house for 60,000 yuan: it is called “Hegang by the Sea”.

  10. The monthly minimum wage standard in 31 provinces across the country has been released, and the monthly minimum wage standard in Henan is 1,600 yuan.

  11. Russian media: Russia will sell all euro assets in wealth funds this year.

  12. The North Korean military parade unveiled the new intercontinental missile for the first time, which is similar in appearance to the Russian “Topol”-M missile.