China News︱Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Daily newsletter on February 1, Wednesday, the eleventh day of the first lunar month, happy work and happy life!

  1. Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Strengthen real-time monitoring of content such as comment barrage.

  2. Nine Chinese citizens were attacked by armed forces in Ethiopia, and one was killed.

  3. Starting from February 1, those who enter China by air from South Korea must undergo a new crown virus landing inspection.

  4. The tourism market is booming! Many routes of the first group of outbound tours are full, and the occupancy rate of many hotels has hit a three-year high.

  5. The cold air is coming, and the temperature will drop in most parts of the country.

  6. The total pre-loss of the four major airlines last year exceeded 100 billion: optimistic about this year’s performance, the domestic market will recover faster.

  7. The last commercial Boeing 747 to be delivered, the “Queen of the Sky” will fade out of the stage.

  8. In 2022, the tax department will organize tax revenue of 31.7 trillion yuan.

  9. Nearly 20 cities have adjusted the lower limit of first-home loan interest rates, with the lowest in Zhuhai falling to 3.7%, and Zhengzhou and Xiamen as low as 3.8%.

  10. Pakistan mosque explosion has killed 95 people.

  11. US media: The US government will prohibit suppliers from providing any products to Huawei.

  12. The United States refused to implement the ruling and counter-appeal after being convicted of violating WTO rules.