China News︱Saturday, February 11, 2023

Daily newsletter on February 11, Saturday, the first day of the lunar calendar, happy weekend!

  1. Netizens claim that the Water Margin poisons young people and should be removed from the texts. The Education Department of Zhejiang Province responded: The important thing is not “what books to read”, but “how to read each book well”.

  2. Issuing house purchase coupons in many places: In some places, the maximum amount of house purchase coupons is 180,000.

  3. “The company sold 500 suites a day!” Beijing agency: Too busy to eat.

  4. Students in domestic colleges and universities have used ChatGPT to write papers, and the “masterpiece” is about to catch up with the teacher!

  5. Last year, the number of divorces in Nanning dropped by nearly 30%. After the divorce cooling-off period was implemented, the divorce rate in Nanning dropped significantly.

  6. South Korea resumes issuing short-term visas for Chinese citizens to South Korea.

  7. 81 countries around the world have incorporated Chinese into their national education systems.

  8. The price of anti-epidemic Chinese medicinal materials has plummeted, and anti-epidemic Chinese medicinal materials suppliers claim that they are losing money.

  9. The main force of sperm donation in China is college students. Human sperm banks in many places advocate college students to donate sperm. Staff: The pass rate is less than 20%.

  10. The strong earthquake has killed more than 20,000 people in Turkey and Syria.

  11. The President of South Africa declares a state of disaster in response to the electricity crisis.

  12. The United States extends its semiconductor export controls to China to Japanese and Dutch companies. China: The United States should stop its illegal long-arm jurisdiction.