China News︱Thursday, August 25, 2022

  1. The typhoon “Ma’an” hit, and the Ministry of Natural Resources launched a level IV response to geological disaster defense. (CCTV)

  2. The orange alert for meteorological drought continues to be issued: more than ten provinces have moderate to severe meteorological drought. (Central Meteorological Observatory)

  3. 43.9°C! The high temperature in Sichuan once again refreshed the highest record of the National Weather Station of Sichuan Province. (Sichuan Observation)

  4. Yiwu, Zhejiang: From 00:00 on August 24, normalized epidemic prevention and control will be fully resumed. (The Paper)

  5. The largest mythical animal unearthed in Sanxingdui so far: there is a man on its head and a tree on its chest. (

  6. The country shot! The era of “planting a tooth for a BMW” will pass. (

  7. Rongjiang, Guizhou, auctioned the 20-year franchise rights of funeral parlors for 126.8 million yuan. Netizens were worried that they would not afford to die. (Daily Economic News)

  8. The Hunan Health Commission intervened in the investigation of “black-hearted doctors”, and the hospital has removed Liu Xiangfeng from the post of deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Trauma Emergency Center. (Guanwang)

  9. The probability of the highest prize is only 0.0007%! Only 4 of the 10 blind box companies participated in the interview. (China Consumer News)

  10. The man defrauded 3 million yuan to buy a lottery ticket and won 14.5 million yuan. The court: more than 12.5 million stolen money was recovered in full. (Jimu News)

  11. A gang in Ningbo registered and sold more than 10,000 WeChat accounts, and was sentenced for helping information network crimes. (The Paper)

  12. Xu Xiangrong, former Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinopec Xinxing Petroleum Company, was under review and investigation. (CCTV)

  13. Taiwan newly confirmed 28,397 local cases and 18 deaths. (Guanwang)

  14. Several serious violent crimes against Asia and China in the United States and California resulted in 2 deaths and multiple injuries. The Chinese Consulate: Strongly condemn. (The Paper)

  15. Repression and containment again! The United States has included seven Chinese-related entities in its export control list. (Guanwang)

  16. US media: Biden ordered air strikes on targets related to Iran in Syria. (CCTV)

  17. Germany and the United States continue to provide military aid to Ooty: Germany 500 million euros, and the United States 3 billion U.S. dollars. (Guanwang)

  18. Foreign media: The Constitutional Court of Thailand ruled that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha should not be in power until the final ruling. (The Paper)

  19. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict lasted for half a year. Ukrainian officials recently revealed that about 9,000 Ukrainian officers and soldiers were killed in action. (CCTV)

  20. Due to a car accident, Ford Motor may be awarded more than 10 billion yuan in compensation due to roof defects. (First Finance and Economics)

Source: People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, China News Net, CCTV, Tencent Net, Global Net, Overseas Net, Phoenix Net, Observer Net, The Paper, etc.