China News︱Friday, January 27, 2023

Daily newsletter on January 27, Friday, the sixth day of the first lunar month, happy work and happy life!

  1. The resident population data of some provinces were released last year, and the total population of Jiangxi, Gansu, Guangxi, and Chongqing all achieved growth.

  2. A 5.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in Luding. No casualties have been reported yet. Experts: The aftershocks of the 6.8-magnitude earthquake occurred on September 5 last year.

  3. Scenic spots in many places continued to be full, and the Sanxingdui Museum has broken through the highest number of visitors in the same period of the year.

  4. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, two Chinese fighter jets from the South my country Sea and a supervising plane.

  5. Southwest University responded that the relationship between the professor and the doctoral student was improper: Zhao had an improper relationship with a doctoral student and was disqualified as a postgraduate supervisor.

  6. The night economy in Lijiang Old Town is recovering, and the occupancy rate of some Lijiang bars at night reaches 95%.

  7. With the recovery of economic cells, Shanxi Lantern Factory rushed to produce festive lanterns, doubled the orders and doubled the labor force.

  8. Musk said that Chinese car companies may be second only to Tesla in the future.

  9. The black box of the crashed flight in Nepal was sent to Singapore for analysis.

  10. Zelensky received a “birthday gift”: Leopard 2. M1 main battle tanks are coming.

  11. Tornadoes and heavy snow raged, and many places in the United States suffered from continuous severe weather.

  12. There are frequent shootings in the United States in the New Year. Two large-scale shootings in California killed 18 people.