China News︱Saturday, January 21, 2023

Daily newsletter on January 21, Saturday, the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. WHO research: The mixed immune protection effect of infection with new crown and vaccination can last for at least 1 year. WHO study: The mixed immune protection effect of infection with new crown and vaccination can last at least 1 year

  2. 90% of movie theaters have resumed business, and ticket prices for Spring Festival movies have dropped for the first time in seven years.

  3. Since last year, 2,532 outlets have ceased operations, and banks have accelerated the integration of online and offline development.

  4. Hebei comprehensively implements the reform of marriage customs, and by 2025, wedding customs such as high-priced betrothal gifts will be effectively curbed.

  5. From February 6, the outbound group travel business will be resumed on a pilot basis.

  6. The Nanning Rabbit Lamp was complained that sheep are not sheep and rabbits are not rabbits. The garden: the design concept is “ugly and beautiful”.

  7. my country has built 2.312 million 5G base stations, accounting for more than 60% of the world’s total.

  8. It was preliminarily determined that the contractor mistakenly deleted documents and caused the grounding of flights across the United States.

  9. Medvedev issued a warning to NATO: If Russia fails in Ukraine, it will trigger a nuclear war.

  10. The Maldives welcomes Chinese tourists with the water gate ceremony. The Minister of Tourism: The target of attracting foreign tourists will increase by at least 10%.

  11. South Korea will abolish the mandatory indoor mask order, and it must still be worn in hospitals, public transportation and other places.

  12. Millions of people across France participated in a general strike and marched against the reform of the retirement system, which would extend the retirement age to 64.