China News︱Thursday, January 19, 2023

  1. Negotiations were successful, and Azvudine tablets were included in the medical insurance at 11.58 yuan per tablet.

  2. Cyberspace Administration of China: Don’t maliciously hype up hidden wealth and intentional comparisons, etc., and focus on cleaning up sky-high year-end awards, sky-high betrothal gifts, etc. showing off pictures and texts.

  3. The first case in the United States! California also has a Spring Festival holiday this year.

  4. A helicopter of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service crashed, killing 18 people including the Minister of Internal Affairs.

  5. Yunnan: Centralized reports will expose problems such as illegal use of official vehicles, drunk driving and gambling by party members and public officials.

  6. Fireworks are no longer completely banned in many places, and dealers are cash-strapped to grab goods.

  7. Hundreds of police officers in the UK suspected of sex crimes: more than a thousand cases involved, or fired.

  8. The results of the Chinese snooker match-fixing investigation are released: Liang Wenbo is the worst, and Zhao Xintong manipulates the game and bets.

  9. Russia announced that it will expand its military to 1.5 million.

  10. Three former TEPCO executives involved in the Fukushima nuclear accident were acquitted.

  11. Zhou Zhuohua, the founder of Suncity Group, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

  12. The battle for Chibo IP “Lang Wei Xian”: the founder was arrested for occupational occupation, and the account was sentenced to belong to the original company.