China News︱Tuesday, January 17, 2023

  1. Seven departments: Encourage farmers to participate in rural construction through labor, donations, etc. (Guanwang)

  2. Oxygenometers have been basically equipped in village clinics across the country. (CCTV)

  3. The 31 provinces’ GDP growth targets for this year are all set: up to 9.5%. (The Paper)

  4. China’s auto exports have surpassed Germany, ranking second in the world. (Guanwang)

  5. Hangzhou and other places issued special consumption coupons for prepared dishes: the market demand is strong, and the government is boosting the industry. (The Paper)

  6. Hangzhou expands the area where fireworks and firecrackers are allowed to be set off during the Spring Festival, and small-scale fireworks are organized in the no-burning area. (The Paper)

  7. Many colleges and universities announced the implementation rate of 2022 graduates: Tsinghua University 98%, Shanghai Jiaotong University 97.61%. (Guanwang)

  8. Cao Dewang: Donate 10 billion yuan to build a world-class prestigious school, and ask the master to be the principal. (The Paper)

  9. Population expert: China will experience negative population growth led by fertility, and increasing the fertility rate is the only option. (Interface News)

  10. The latest housing prices in 70 cities have been released, and the number of declining cities has increased, with Kunming leading the way with a 0.3% month-on-month rise. (

  11. An explosion occurred in a chemical plant in Panjin, Liaoning, killing 5 people and losing contact with 8 people. (CCTV)

  12. The man was reunited with his family after losing contact for 9 years, claiming that he lost his memory in a car accident and wandered on the street. (The Paper)

  13. Can I buy a box of generic drugs for the new crown for 3,000 yuan? A testing agency broke the news: 90% of the products submitted for inspection have no active ingredients. (Shangguan News)

  14. Foreign media: sources said that Putin will not participate in the Russian election next year, or negotiate an end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. (The Paper)

  15. Udo was hit by a massive missile attack, and Zelensky vowed to retaliate. (Guanwang)

  16. Economists expect the U.S. economy to fall into recession this year. (Xinhua News Agency)

  17. A passenger plane carrying 72 people in Nepal crashed, killing all passengers and crew on board, and there were no Chinese citizens on board. (The Paper)

  18. The registered population of South Korea has decreased for three consecutive years: about 51.44 million, with single-person households approaching 10 million. (The Paper)

  19. The Webb telescope discovered an exoplanet for the first time: 41 light-years away from the earth, with a diameter of 99% of the earth. (Chinese Journal of Science)

Source: Xinhua Net, China News Net, CCTV, Tencent Net, Global Net, Overseas Net, Phoenix Net, Observer Net, The Paper, etc.