China News︱Wednesday, October 6, 2021

  1. China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: No consumer credit products with interest rates significantly higher than the market rate shall be provided. (CCTV)

  2. A training institution in Beijing was removed from the “white list” due to illegal training during the holidays. (The Paper)

  3. Many places in Guangdong have carried out special inspections on fire safety in escape rooms. (

  4. To open up new coal sources and ease the shortage of electricity and coal, Zhejiang Province purchased coal from Kazakhstan for the first time. (The Paper)

  5. Warm News︱Henan girl Zhang Chunqiao knelt down to save people on the streets of Changsha and was praised by netizens. She explained that “kneeling is a professional first aid posture”. (Dahe Daily)

  6. A large number of tourists stranded in Yili, Xinjiang due to the epidemic, hotels were full and supermarket shelves were sold out. (Beijing News)

  7. Cases of psittacosis were found in Lishui, Zhejiang, and one of them died after treatment failed. (

  8. In the 2021 Sudirman Cup badminton match, the Chinese team won the Sudirman Cup for the 12th time. (CCTV)

  9. From October 5th to 25th, the 2022 National Postgraduate Admissions Examination has entered the formal registration stage. (CCTV)

  10. New energy vehicles encountered embarrassment when traveling. Some car owners reported that the service area encountered congestion and waited for four hours for one hour charging, and it took 16 hours for an 8-hour drive. (China Economic Net)

  11. A man in Hebei was injured by a big tree and became disabled when he was traveling in a tenth-level storm. He sued the greening department and won more than 3.7 million yuan in compensation. (

  12. Cao Zhonghua, an A-level fugitive wanted by the Ministry of Public Security, was arrested and robbed ancient tombs of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods in Suzhou many times. (The Paper)

  13. Zeng Changhong, former first-level inspector of the Insurance Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, was under investigation. (CCTV)

  14. The WTO has raised its forecast for the growth of global trade in goods in 2021, and the biggest risk is still the epidemic. (Daily Economic News)

  15. IATA has added Chinese as its official language, and its annual meeting will be held in Shanghai next year. (CCTV)

  16. The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics was announced, awarded to scientists Shuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and George Parisi in recognition of their pioneering contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems. (

  17. The U.S. Trade Representative: It has no intention of intensifying trade tensions, and will have a frank dialogue with China on economic and trade issues. (Xinhua News Agency)

  18. At noon on the 4th local time, the US social media Facebook suffered the most serious outage since 2008, and its four major social products were paralyzed for a long time. (

  19. Yang Anze issued a statement of “parting ways with the Democratic Party”, announcing his withdrawal from the Democratic Party of the United States. (World Wide Web)

  20. A new study published in the British “Nature” magazine shows that a new type of optogenetics tool developed by Chinese researchers has made it possible to treat tumors and other diseases with a beam of light. (Xinhuanet)

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