China News︱Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday, October 1, 2021 August 25th in the lunar calendar

  1. Two ministries and commissions: Rural compulsory education students’ meal subsidies increased from 4 yuan per student per day to 5 yuan. (CCTV)

  2. Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Performing activities must not use illegal and immoral actors that cause bad social impact. (CCTV)

  3. Central Bank: The collection of personal credit information by credit reporting agencies shall be subject to the consent of the information subject himself. (Guanwang)

  4. CNOOC announced that another large-scale oil and gas discovery was made in my country’s Bohai Sea, and the proven geological reserves of crude oil exceeded 100 million tons. (CCTV Finance)

  5. You can test the new crown with your eyes by taking a selfie. The AI ​​technology jointly developed by Fudan University and many domestic and foreign institutions is freely available in China, and the diagnosis result can be obtained in 3 seconds. (The Paper)

  6. Recently, a video of “Fish is not fresh and not allowed to pass through the toll booth for free, the driver was so angry that he ate half of the fish on the spot” has attracted attention. Official media commented: Inflexibility will make good policies look bad. (Guangming Daily)

  7. A large number of homestays have been removed from the shelves in Beijing, and all homeowners must agree to open homestays in Beijing communities. (CCTV Finance)

  8. Chongqing is expected to realize county-to-county expressways next year. (

  9. Zhejiang introduced a new regulation requiring express delivery to the door, and offenders will be fined up to 2,000 yuan. (The Paper)

  10. Many elderly people in Henan organized a group to stop the wedding car to ask for red envelopes. Those who witnessed it: the groom was very angry after being stopped twice. (Jimu News)

  11. WeChat Pay announced the realization of “interconnection” with UnionPay Cloud QuickPass, and offline barcodes can be mutually recognized and scanned. (The Paper)

  12. Under the power cut, candle orders increased 10 times a week, and most of the orders came from the Northeast. (Guanwang)

  13. Zhao Xiaolei, general manager of Shanghai Dongfangwang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., and Xu Jufen, chief financial officer, were under investigation; (The Paper)

  14. Sun Lijun, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Security, was double fired, his political ambitions were extremely inflated, and he formed a gang to control key departments. (Website of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection)

  15. Several WHO staff were exposed to sexual exploitation of African women, Tan Desai: dark moment, unforgivable. (World Wide Web)

  16. The city of San Jose, California, apologized for the crime of anti-Chinese in history. (

  17. Kim Jong-un: The inter-Korean communication channel will be restarted in early October. (

  18. The Barbados Parliament has passed a law that no longer recognizes the Queen of England as the country’s head of state. (World Wide Web)

  19. A riot in a prison in Ecuador has killed more than 100 people, and a gun battle and explosion occurred at the scene. (

  20. The latest British study: Smokers are 80% more likely to be infected with the new crown than ordinary people. (World Wide Web)

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