China News︱Saturday, August 27, 2022

  1. The China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Finance signed an audit supervision cooperation agreement with US regulators. (The Paper)

  2. China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: In principle, Liaoyang Rural Commercial Bank and Liaoning Taizihe Rural Bank have entered bankruptcy proceedings. (The Paper)

  3. Haikou: The high-quality social aspects of the new crown pneumonia epidemic have been cleared. (The Paper)

  4. In the ranking list of Chinese universities, the difference between the largest and the smallest is 1600 times. Zhejiang University ranks first with an area of ​​6.1161 million square meters. (The Paper)

  5. The Ninth Batch of Chinese People’s Volunteers in South Korea’s remains will be carried out from September 14th to 17th. (Guanwang)

  6. The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held in Shanghai from September 1st to 3rd. (The Paper)

  7. An 8-year-old girl from Zhengzhou, Xinrui donated her organs to save 5 people, and her whole family became organ donation volunteers. (Zhengguan News)

  8. Two people were killed in a lightning accident in a square in Nanling County, Anhui Province. (

  9. Four freight platforms, including Huolala, were interviewed and asked to rectify issues such as multiple charges in a timely manner. (

  10. Due to financial fraud for ten consecutive years, LeTV was allowed to enforce a fine of 240 million yuan. (

  11. Hunan Health Commission: Liu Xiangfeng of the Second Xiangya Hospital is suspected of serious violations and is under investigation. (The Paper)

  12. Li Jia, the former chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, was demoted to the deputy provincial level: canvassing in disguise during the election. (The Paper)

  13. Pakistan enters a state of emergency: 30 million people are homeless, and floods destroy railway bridges. (The Paper)

  14. The second-generation Starlink will be directly connected to the mobile phone, and Musk said that it will be launched with a starship. (The Paper)

Source: People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, China News Net, CCTV, Tencent Net, Global Net, Overseas Net, Phoenix Net, Observer Net, The Paper, etc.